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Re: Re:Creating BD 63% quality

  •  10-12-2016, 12:13

    Re: Re:Creating BD 63% quality

    I have stopped burning disks :)

    Have an old Popcorn Hour box I use for streaming - but I dont use it so much any more. 

    I use the BD fileset as input to Handbrake - and generate  a .m4v file - this way the resulting videofile contains Chapterinfo (Pinnacle cannot do any video file with chapters).

    I then read the video over net to my ATV4 or iPad where I have Infuse installed (Infuse can see the chapter info).

    Handbrake conversion also affects the bitrate. With the current settings I end up with a similar filesize and bitrate on the resulting .m4v files no matter what setting I have in Pinnacle (18 or 40 mbps)

    I cannot see any difference in the resulting file (on my windows computer) - but I dont see much point in having Pinnacle "upscale" and then Handbrake "downscale" the bitrate. 

    thanks again

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