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Slow motion clip on timeline hangs preview.

  •  10-03-2016, 21:12

    Slow motion clip on timeline hangs preview.

    Anyone have an issue similar to this:

    Add multiple tracks, clips and titles to a project. Then after you are well under way decide you want a few existing clips to be in slow motion. These clips are surrounded by clips on the same track with cross fades. Add speed and select constant down to 60% with smooth motion and pitch. Also select use the start frame to pin.

    The clip gets the marks on the top of it indicating speed is added. The transitions get rendered in the background. I hit play to preview and when it gets to that clip it freezes in the clip. After that the preview window no longer seems to show any new video. I can move around the timeline and it is still stuck. The pause button is still highlighted even though playback has stopped. The only way to fix it is to restart Studio and not play through that clip again or remove the speed.

    I have done the usual reset and clear render files. I have also turned off GPU and smart rendering (expecting slow and choppy playback) but it did the same thing. I have Studio Ultimate 19.5 with the 19.5.1 patch installed on Windows 10 64x. The clips are HD MTS files from a Canon HFR600 at 60i.

    It has done this on 3 separate projects with different clips but the same format. To get around this I just used ProDAD ReSpeed on them and were imported back and trimmed to fit. The odd thing is that a single clip on a new project after stretched will preview.

    I have not tested all the various options and modes with or with out the various track combinations.



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