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Re: Audio Display on Timeline

  •  09-22-2016, 15:00

    Re: Audio Display on Timeline

    Here's my scenario:

    I capture pure extraneous audio - music, noise, conversation, etc. from a mic pointing out the front of my camera via my right channel.  I have a mic embedded in an insulated sound capsule that captures the sound of a 'clicker' coming in my left channel.  I use the clicker to embed audio spikes in the soundtrack's left channel at points I want to highlight for clipping and editing later.  I might only have 5 'clicks' in 1-1/2 hours of video. I was hoping that I could display and view discrete audio channel inputs to that I could quickly scroll through the timeline to find these spikes, rather than go through another level of involvement such as reviewing the audio waveform, inserting markers and then going back to the video section to do what I ultimately need to do.  I am using the 'capsule and clicker' on a discrete channel because (1) I don't need stereo audio, (2) applause can sometimes look like the clicker in the timeline waveform, and (3) I don't want clicker noise in the right channel.

    So, unless someone has an 'easy' answer, it sounds like I'll have to (1) go to the audio editor, (2) insert markers on the track near where I want them, (3) go back into the video editor, (4) put start/stop record markers in the timeline specifically where I want them, and finally (5) export the marked sections as I would otherwise.  This isn't untenable, but I'd hoped to not do 1 - 3.

    (Frankly, I understand why one wouldn't put discrete 'surround' audio signals on the timeline, but I don't understand why discrete left/right channels would be mixed and displayed both above and below the blue line.)



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