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Re: Re:Red giant in pinnacle 20 how to operate.

  •  08-25-2016, 17:17

    Re: Re:Red giant in pinnacle 20 how to operate.


    Red Giant is not present in my S20 installation. Confused (Nor is my New Blue Paint Effects.)
    For me, Red Giant filmmakers toolkit/motion graphics toolkit successfully migrated into PS20 without me needing to do anything special (haven't tried to use them yet to see if they are actually working...).

    Same here with NewBlue Paint Effects (installation in PS19U didn't get migrated to PS20U) - and probably to be expected for any "bonus" plugins that aren't a standard part of Studio, such as extras from NewBlue, Prodad etc. - they would need reinstalling from an updated installer that recognises Studio 20 (or has a "custom install folder" option) - or the plugin files would need to be manually copied from the version in which they were installed into PS20.

    I recall that NewBlue Paint Effects does have a "custom install folder" option where you can add in folders for versions of Studio that the installer did not recognise (I had to do that to get the Paint Effects plugins into Avid Studio - the installer coped with all the other Studio versions I had installed, from Studio 14 upwards). I intend to check on the Prodad site to see if they have released any updates for Studio 20 (I have Vitascene V2 and Heroglyph V4). Otherwise I'll just try copying the plugin files from PS19 to PS20 and resetting the library...


    Neither Heroglyph or Adorage showed up for me. Can I tranfer them from an 'older' Studio...and where would they go?


    Just as an FYI, the 'service pack update' did the trick Both are working now. 

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