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Overlay transparency woes

  •  08-09-2016, 20:31

    Overlay transparency woes

    I'm suddenly having major problems with apparently all of the Digital Juice content I've downloaded which are supposed to have transparent areas.
    For example: I've previously used an SD Lower Third - Under The Sea in a project and it was fine.
    Now when put it on a track in Pinnacle Studio 19, Corel VSX9, MEP2016 Premium, or PD14 Ultimate the alpha area blocks the underlying video with a gray/black checkerboard pattern.

    It's just plain stupid that the download of the Lucky Star Overlay contains the stock photo of the guitar player in the target area. Wish I knew what the heck is going on.
    I can overlay text & Red Giant motion graphics on my video no problem.
    PIP and particle graphics in PD14 display alpha channels perfectly.
    So it seems to me it's just DJ overlays.
    I download as animations with embedded alpha if that helps. I'm stumped.
    This comes after a miserable weekend of Juicer repeatedly crashing, hanging on download finalization, etc and then reverting to installing juicer on my kids laptop and downloading content.
    Any ideas folks?

    Link to a 20 sec video of my dilemma below.


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