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Re: 2 questions about transitions in S15

  •  08-05-2016, 23:00

    Re: 2 questions about transitions in S15

    I don't know what my dad did but now all of my transitions are working again. I opened the HFX editor after my dad walked away from the computer and switched it back to "Accelerated OpenGL" (under Setup > Render Engine). I then closed the HFX editor and opened Studio, all of the transitions that weren't working before are still working. Anyway I went back into the HFX editor and switched the setting under Render Engine back to Software. My dad also changed some things in "video and audio preferences" under the Setup menu in Studio, but I'm not sure if any of these changes made a difference. He checked "enable hardware acceleration" which was previously unchecked and he changed "use the codec for background rendering" to "set codec automaticallly." At least the transitions are working again though.

    And nevermind my second question. I see there is a transition called "clock wipe" (under 2D transitions). I guess I should have looked before I started this thread. My apologies.

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