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Re: Box of old VHS tapes to import.

  •  07-26-2016, 17:32

    Re: Box of old VHS tapes to import.

    Bob keen:

    I have used the ADVC 110 for some time now since I have a large archive of filmed material from the 1980's onwards on SVHS and am continually producing DVDs for people using that source material. Anything mastered in SVHS will be handled well by the ADVC 110 reproducing the full 400 or so lines of horizontal resolution. However, as VHS only produces 250 lines at best, the quality of the original source material will determine the quality of the captured image.

    Although quite expensive, I would highly recommend the ADVC 110 

    The tapes have SVHS and HQ on them. Not all of them so i think it is a mixed bag. As for cleanup what do you use. I think I need to shift back the chroma vs luminance. So does studio use RGB and can shift I and Q vs Y or in YUV and shift U and V vs Y. I am looking in the plugins and corrections but i am not sure of the best order and what to use. i would want to sharpen, boost the levels, adjust the HSV, denoise or time smooth the noise,  trim the overscan and resize to DVD.

    I think I need to clip the input levels for TV black at 14 and white at 252 in RGB.

    Sorry for my nerd questions.



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