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Re: Re:proDAD ProDRENALIN sale!

  •  07-26-2016, 16:27

    Re: Re:proDAD ProDRENALIN sale!


    This morning my ReSpeedr purchase hung. After coming to the conclusion it's just crickets nowadays at Prodad's US HQ I emailed them in Deutschland  and asked someone to run down the hall to ProDRENALIN and see what the holdup is.

    Quite Respeedily Uwe replied and referred me to Element 5 for assistance.

    NOW A BIG TIME ALL CAPS SHOUTOUT TO TONY PIERRE for turning me on to this great deal!!!!!!

    He also clued me in on a whopper of a deal to add Mercalli 4 to the arsenal.



    Edit: For everyone that thinks customer service has gone to hell in a hand basket - It look all of three minutes to get a reply from Element 5.

    I hope Saby doesn't gig me for cussin on the forum. Smile

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