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Box of old VHS tapes to import.

  •  07-25-2016, 22:14

    Box of old VHS tapes to import.

    So it finally happened. The in laws hit me up to convert their home movies. I dug out my old ADVC110 but do not have a VHS player...  can't imagine why not. I plan to end on standard definition DVD's so naturally I have a few questions.

    1) Is the ADVC110 a good converter for the job. It does have S-VIDEO inputs which I think is a slightly better quality input.

    2) What plugins / setup is the best to cleanup the bad video in Studio 19.5. I know this is relative question but what are you doing that works well. I have many of the extra plugins installed. Just have not done video restoration in a long time. The last go around was with VDUB on Windows XP. 

    3) Besides the Walmart VHS player for 89 USD. Any recommendations on a good one to use.


    Any additional thoughts or tips would be appreciated.



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