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Re: DVD Encryption to prevent copying

  •  11-27-2007, 12:26

    Re: DVD Encryption to prevent copying

    Well, hi again folks (after a pause in contributing to the Forums, though still busy in production) ... and thank you for your valuable views.  To my horror I admit that the "unreadable" VOB file I mentioned above, which I thought was encrypted, is not!   The borrowed DVD mearly required a good cleanup to rid it from the owner's jam sandwich fingerprints!!   It copies perfectly using Nero now!   (It's OK: the producer of the DVD doesn't mind.)

    But for my future productions (I have another biggie coming out next year), it would have been nice to prevent "casual copying" (although I realise the big boys can always hack).  As my friend (whose DVD I borrowed) does all the copying from my masters in a 5-way copier, I wondered if these multi-copying machines have encryption as an option for the copies, although I realise the master from me must still be un-encrypted for the initial copying to take place.

    Even with the GB Pound being worth $2 now, it sounds as if encryption is too expensive for me to contemplate, Lew!   Wink

    All the best to you all ...

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