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Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window

  •  06-22-2016, 10:55

    Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window

    I have finally managed to fix the problem! Big Smile

    I did a complete uninstall (yet again) as described several posts above, but this time I found a Pinnacle folder still left in the folder C:/Users/xxnamexx/AppData/Local.  On looking inside it I did not find anything relevant to my stored projects, but there were some folders with the title Import in them, so I deleted the whole of this Pinnacle folder. 

    On re-installing PSD I can now open the Import window, and the Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is recognised.  What is interesting is that it has also defaulted to the PAL setting which I require, so I have not had any need to install the fix as kindly supplied by Saby, since I have no need to capture from NTSC or SECAM formatted video.

    What a relief - I can now get on with my normal life again!  My grateful thanks to Saby for trying hard to help me - the Corel support desk were no help at all and did not appear to read all of the email which I sent them. 

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