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Re: Do Not Install the 19.5.1 Patch!

  •  06-20-2016, 19:05

    Re: Do Not Install the 19.5.1 Patch!

    This is what I'm dealing with. After the patch I have been trying to add new video footage to projects from my satellite hard drives. I have several hard drives where I store footage. This has never been an issue. In the past I open the files in Studio and they are available for use in the project. Now I attempt to open files and Studio is telling me the files are opening but, the program suddenly hides all the files when complete. They aren't view able. I've even tried creating the project with the files I need in PS17. The video files are viewable there but, when I attempt to open the project in PS19.5.1  it's unable and offers to create a new project which is empty. Opening projects created in PS17 to PS 19 has never been an issue in the past and I've used it for other work arounds with sync issues.

    Any suggestions out there???

    Never got a solution with the sync issues. I came to the forums, then support, then Malek the Pinnacle Studio Pro on Youtube. I doubt if I get one here but, I keep trying. My next effort after 10+ years with Studio is to buy a Mac and figure out Final Cut. Guys who try to help here are awesome. No ill feelings toward you guys who try to help whatsoever. 

     Over the course of the last 10+ years I've spent so much time fighting Studio I am worn down and just can't do it anymore. I've lost countless hours fixing issues when I should have been working on my next project or enjoying time with family. 

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