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Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window

  •  06-18-2016, 12:57

    Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window

    Thank you for your answers, Saby, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  But in fact I have been having problems and I am now in need of help.

     I tried making the changes again which you suggested above and in the process I have somehow broken Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle.  It boots up OK but when I click on the Import tab absolutely nothing happens.  It used to show my webcam and other DVD sources for importing when the Dazzle unit was not plugged in, and then when I plugged it in the Dazzle Capture Device would appear on the list.  I know I was not able to get your changes working to be able to select PAL, but now I think that as the Timeline in PS for D defaults to PAL, it assumes that will be the format when I use Import for video tapes, because I have in the past been able to capture PAL video without being able to select it, and my JVC VHS recorder says in the handbook that it outputs in PAL format.  Here are the fixes which I have tried so far without success:

    - uninstalled and re-installed Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle

    - uninstalled and re-installed Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate and PS for D 

    - uninstalled PS 15 and PS for D, run Regdelete (which I got off your website which says it is suitable for PS15) and re-installed PS 15 and PS for D

    - run chksdk on the C drive where everything is installed

    I cannot think of anything new to try and would be most grateful if you could offer any suggestions for me to follow.  PS 15 Import tab works fine, but as mentioned above it does not find the Dazzle Recorder even though there are no exclamation marks in Device Manager, so I must have the Import tab working in PS for D because that was the only way I could capture my VHS tapes. If I cannot get this fixed it will have been pointless buying a new Dazzle unit!

    Thank you very much for anything you can suggest to get the Import tab working again in PS for D.  

    Just had a thought - do you know if Studio 19 will capture and Import directly from the Dazzle DVD Recorder HD?  If so then I don't mind upgrading to it and ditching PS for Dazzle if it solves the problem.

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