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Re: Has anyone installed PS 19.5.1 patch yet?

  •  06-16-2016, 18:43

    Re: Has anyone installed PS 19.5.1 patch yet?


    I posted on Declic that I was never notified by Corel that there was a patch available. I was notified by Declic (thank you) I do have an issue...Many people were complaining about a black preview screen, which I had never experienced. Unfortunately now I am. When I scrub through scenes manually, everything is fine. When I use the controls (arrow/play  keys) , I will get bursts of 'black screen' and it does not seem to have any rhyme or reason. Very strange. Hopefully a fix will come for this as well.

    Sometimes Corel will post any update patches in here but are mainly posted by someone else. You need to check frequently in this site to see if any updates have been made.

    Again, no rhyme or reason...sometimes I will get a notification when I boot up , sometimes not. This time not. No big deal 

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