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Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window

  •  06-02-2016, 13:20

    Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Import Window


    With Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle, capture is always done using mpeg2. You have no other choice.

    The 1.0.2 pacth resolves some issues with Win10 in certain conditions. I suggest you apply it. It's here : http://cdn.pinnaclesys.com/Release/PSD/PinnacleStudio_Patch_1.0.2.exe


    Ah thank you - another example of Pinnacle taking a step backwards, DVC90 gave me the choice.  I always have used avi files for editing to avoid the potential problems of the Group of Pictures system when eliminating single frames (at least I understood this is the best reason for using avi).  It should not make much difference to the resultant video quality, since the source can only be VHS or S-VHS at best.  I will be using the S-Video connector to get the best I can.

     I will apply the 1.0.2 patch as you suggest. 

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