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DVD Encryption to prevent copying

  •  11-26-2007, 15:13

    DVD Encryption to prevent copying

    Greetings all - This is my first post since the Forum has migrated back to Pinnacle.

    It would be most useful to be able to encrypt my DVD productions (generated using Liquid V 6.1 SP2) so that, although most encryption can be cracked by "experts", at least the average home user will be prevented from copying my material.

    How can this easily be achieved?   How does encryption work?  All I know is that the first of four of the main (large) VOB files on a privately produced DVD I have purchased cannot be read and copied by Windows Explorer or Nero, although all the other files on the DVD can.  It seems that the encryption thus takes place by interferring with the composition of the VTS_01_1.VOB file, while not affecting VTS_01_2.VOB and subsequent files, all of which can be copied conventionally. 

    So, is there a Freeware or Shareware program that can encrypt (and decrypt, if required) my DVD file(s) ... and at what stage of production of the DVD, using LE, is the encryption applied?

    Thank you in anticuipation of your help.

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