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Re: Syncing audio in the video-file with audio on a separate audio-file

  •  03-18-2016, 12:37

    Re: Syncing audio in the video-file with audio on a separate audio-file

    Yes, you can use the separate video and audio (certainly with Studio Plus/Ultimate - the basic version of Studio may be more difficult as so many of the tools are not available):

    • Put the video from your camera onto one track in Studio. Click the little speaker icon at the far left of the track (in the track "header") to mute the sound form the video track
    • Put the audio from the sound desk onto another track (say the one immediately underneath.

    Now you will have to trim the video and audio tracks and line up the video and audio:

    • You can use the audio waveforms drawn in the two tracks to get them lined up; you can look for big audio curs such as the start of dialogue or a piece of music
    • You can use audio-visual cues, where you can see something in the picture that has a distinctive sound you can "spot" in the audio waveform, such as a pyrotechnic, a door slamming, an actor stamping their foot, etc.; if you see such a cue with picture and sound, drag the clip of the sound desk audio until thiat sound lines up as near as possible with the event in the video. You can set markers in the two tracks to help you line them up if you can't see the event clearly in the audio waveform, but can hear it clearly.

     You may find that over a long passage, the audio might drift "out of sync" by one or two frames due to the differences in sampling rate "accuracy" between the camera and whatever device the sound engineer used to record the sound desk output. If you observe such a "drift", you can correct it by splitting the sound desk audio track at a point where there is silence and adding a small gap if the video was running slower than the sound, or trimming off a frame or two from the sount desk soundtrack if the video was running ahead of the sound.


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