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Re: Music video with Studio 11

  •  11-26-2007, 12:28

    Re: Music video with Studio 11

    Very nice.

    The first half has some of the best video quality that I've ever seen at YouTube.

    Would you mind sharing the render settings and which material did you bring into studio. i.e avi, ect which formate did you finally upload?

    Your editing and camera work is really good. 

    There is one part that did bother me some what, and that is the second half.

    Mainly the two different sizes. The viewbox on the left is much narrower than the one on the right.

    I'm sure that you already know that, but just wanted to say as a viewer it distracted me. Also the quality or sharpness during this part seemed lower.

    Perhaps, if you had used the 2d editor fx instead of PNP these would not have suffered as much loss in quailty.

    However once again, I found your work to be very high level, thanks for the link. 

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