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Logiteck K520 Combo

  •  03-12-2016, 15:20

    Logiteck K520 Combo

    Can anyone one help please. I have had a Logiteck K520 Keyboard / Mouse Combo for about 4 years, linked wirelessly to my computer.

    Recently, I think the mouse is playing up.

    Sometimes it works OK, but then, it doesn't respond to left or right click.

    In MS Games, it will not pick the cards to move them. I also feel I am having to press harder on the mouse for it to register on the screen.

    The Keyboard appears to be OK, except during typing emails, it will suddenly be about a sentence behind and only types half the words.

    After a wait, all returns to normal.

    Can I buy a different mouse (wireless) to see if that cures my problem.

    Or, would it be better to buy a complete new combo set.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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