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Re: Who is using Liquid?

  •  02-28-2016, 22:09

    Re: Who is using Liquid?

    I still have it running on an XP Pro machine which is still my best machine from a video board standpoint.  I did get the Avid Media Composer offer (with upgrade, version 5.5 I think), but I never got around to installing it.  Still in unopened box.  I was thinking of using the Media Composer to get the competitive upgrade to Edius.  Or maybe trying DaVinci Resolve (free version) or Lightworks (free version).

     I am very interested in anyone's experience with alternatives to Liquid.  I'd rather not pay the Avid subscription, just too much for my use at this time.  But I would like some software that can handle the newer formats, burn blu-ray, and has very good audio control like Liquid, since I ended up using audio tweaking a lot more than I thought I would.

     I'm considering a dual boot system on my XP Pro machine so I can keep XP Pro and Liquid, and boot something like Windows 10 as the alternate boot along with Edius, Resolve, Lightworks, etc.

      Does anyone know if Media Composer 5.5 handles enough video formats to be relevant for a few years, and if it burns Blu-ray in all the needed formats?

    I'd like to hear opinions on alternatives to Liquid. 

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