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Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

  •  10-28-2015, 21:05

    Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

    I find some give an error, and some crash. I have found in more recent versions of PS it is MORE likely to give an error than to crash, it is better, but I still see it. I think the worst are ContourHD camera MOV files that are truncated as the battery dies. I have a number of cameras using a variety of formats. I suspect the level of error toleration varies between formats.

    I'm at work now, so I can't see all my PS and Avid Studio versions of the past. I seem to recall PS 10 or 12 being my first. I think I only bought one release of Avid Studio. Currently for NLE I use PS 19, Hitfilm 3 Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro 10.

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