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Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

  •  10-28-2015, 20:49

    Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

    It ran without issue for me initially until I turned the watch folder feature on. Once I turned it on, I could not get it turned back off. It would crash before I could get to the control panel. It was a long and painful process to get to a point where it could startup AND have watch folders enabled, and it did not crash. I am there, but it took some time. I doubt most users would be able to do this.

    I can't help you with the version question. I did not purchase every major release increment. I have had watchfolder issues with every release I have purchased over the years. V19 is the first one I noticed where the main application does not survive import crashes. The import process ended in previous versions upon encountering a bad file, but the main application continued to run. 

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