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Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

  •  10-28-2015, 19:38

    Re: Betreft: Re: Re:PS19 installs but crashes

    This is what I have been able to piece together on the issue from my own observations. I may be wrong, but PS has never explained this problem that has plagued PS since very early versions.

    I believe most if not all crashes are due to attempting import of problem asset files into the library. The files may be munged, or it may be PS doesn't like a variation or such. Regardless, it is not graceful... it crashes. I have found cases where OTHER programs import files PS will not, and I have found cases where OTHER programs choke on them as well. MOST other programs don't crash though, but rather they complain to you.

    In some earlier versions the folder watcher / asset importer was a SEPARATE PROCESS from the main PS application. Yet, as it ran, you would see it's progress on the status bar of PS. The helpful thing here is that you could see that it is about to import file xyz, and then that's where the watch folder import would crash. It gave you a very nice clue as to what the problem is, and you could move/delete the problem file easily. Because it was a SEPARATE PROCESS the crash of the importer did NOT affect the main application process.  You may not be able to import all new content automatically, but at least you could continue to use the main application.

    In this version (and perhaps a few previous versions??),.. I don't know exactly where it changed. Rather than having the folder watcher / asset importer run in a SEPARATE PROCESS, it instead runs in the main application process, but in its own separate THREAD. I suspect with 64-bit binaries a decision was made to make this change. An uncaught exception in a THREAD will crash the entire process. So the process isolation is lost, which means if the import crashes, the entire application crashes. Additionally it no longer reports folder watch import progress on the status bar. Because of that I see no way to tell which of the import asset files is the one causing the problem.

    I am a software developer. I don't know why the import crashes can not be CAUGHT and then handled gracefully. They may be so optimized that they do not employ programmatic exception handling. I suspect this is because of the technology or language the file importers are written in. There are still ways the software could be helpful here. For example... if before importing each file from watch folders, it would save the path of that file to a settings location. After successfully importing the file, then clear that settings location. If the program ever starts, and there is something in that settings location, the program could offer to AGAIN ATTEMPT THE LAST IMPORT OPERATION. If the user says yes, of course we are likely to see it crash again. If the user says no, then another option is presented. DO YOU WISH TO MOVE/RENAME/DELETE THE PROBLEM IMPORT FILE?  And regardless of that action, it would skip attempting to import the problem file again. This creates a scenario with a lot of bogus assets that it will pester the user to death as it starts up. But believe me, that is LESS irritating than having the program forever crashing shortly after startup.

    This keeps us running. Avoids the mystic games we must play to keep it running. And provides some clarity to the crashes that is less than obvious now.


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