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Re: Cannot create 3D Blu-ray disc.

  •  08-29-2015, 16:01

    Re: Cannot create 3D Blu-ray disc.

    saby has already linked the previous discussion on this.  Basically, it is a bug as Studio does not correctly render the 3D disc.  The disc has to specifically tell the 3D player to play the video in 3D.  If it is not told to do this, it plays in 2D (as you have discovered).  Studio is not adding the instruction to the disc.

    There is an (admittedly not very satisfactory) workaround.   That is: to create your 3D movie as a side-by-side video.  Now when you play it, the player again plays it as a 2D video, but now you get the two half width images side-by-side.  Nearly all 3D players and televisions will allow you to tell them to play this format 3D video in 3D.

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