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Re: fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d

  •  08-29-2015, 15:51

    Re: fuji 3d video will not export as 3d only 2d


    On exporting to an mpeg 4 file or directly to a disk image the stills come out fine in 3d but the 3d video is only 2d.  I have tested short segments of mixed fuji 3d still and movie as well as 2d and the mpeg4's come out fine.  However for my 30 minute project i get no 3d video.

     Have looked for some switch i turned wrong when creating the edited clips but cannot find one.

     Any ideas?? 

    You don't say which version of Studio that you are using.  You have discovered the same problem that I did with Studio Ultimate 18.6.  What is going on is that Studio is rendering the video in 3D (either SbS or multistream) depending on what you selected.  What Studio is not doing is creating the disc such that it tells the player to play the created file in 3D.  When not instructed to do otherwise a blu-ay player plays the video in 2D only (it will also play in 2D on a non 3D player).  This is how commercial discs are able to feature a 2D and 3D version of the movie on the same disc.  The actually don't, but a 2D player (or a 3D player not instructed to play in 3D) outputs the left image of a multistream video only.  Side by side 3D video will also play in 2D but you get what it says on the tin - 2 images side by side.

     Every version of Studio that I have ever used has a serious bug or misfeature that prevents it from doing something.  This one is this.

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