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Dazzle DVC 90 and Instant DVD Recorder

  •  08-23-2015, 20:00

    Dazzle DVC 90 and Instant DVD Recorder

    I am trying to migrate Instant DVD Recorder 1.7 and its DVC 90 to a Windows 10 platform running in XP SP3 compatibility mode.  The DVC 90 is not being detected by Instant DVD Recorder.  I have tried downloading Instant DVD Recorder for XP, but I do not think that it is being unpacked in the proper location.  Where should the downloaded file be saved?  Instand DVD Recorder is not being updated to version 2.6.  It also tells me that there is a problem with the drivers that it can not fix.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.



    Knoxville TN USA

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