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Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

  •  08-08-2015, 10:22

    Re: Windows 10 Upgrade


    Hi, you both helped me considerably when I had a new computer built 18 months ago to a much higher spec and transferred my S12 Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional from XP. There were lots of problems before I got it to work and I do have some issues occasionally now, but. I've now been offered the free upgrade to W10 and wondered if this was practical?

    I also have a disk for S15 HD which came with a later purchase of Studio MovieBox HD but I remember Pinhead said that they changed Studio's operating system after S12, so I'm not using it. Alternatively I have considered taking the whole plunge and going for an S18.5 upgrade. Any advice woulkd be appreciated. Kind regards - MIKE

    1) I have S12 Ultimate  & S17 Plus on W7. Neither are my Main Editing Program which is a 3D Animation Film-making Program. I use them for that Program's Post Production. They both work perfectly with W7.

    2) Don't Upgrade to W10.  It has a lot of problems. MS Support are overwhelmed with solving those. W7 is supported until 2020. W10 isn't Video Editing friendly. You would need to learn a new OS.

    3) It depends upon your Video Source for S12. S12 handles HD Video but not AVCHD. S15's ok, but has a horrible Black User Interface, Like S14. I didn't upgrade to either. I only have S17 with black user Interface, because I won it in a Pinhead Community  Competition. S12 is the best & most stable of Studio Legacy Products. 

    4) All Studio Legacy Products use the same Project File System. Apart from S7, 8 & 9.

    5) Stick with S12 & Post any problems you have.


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