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Re: Re:Audio track repeats

  •  08-05-2015, 13:13

    Re: Re:Audio track repeats

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    Peter, the path you give for "hidden" render folder is the default path of PS15's (and prior) auxiliary files.

    Why do you call it "hidden" render folder ? 


    Program Data is a hidden  W7 OS Folder, here. Therefore the Render Folder is hidden, Saby

    I have my Program Data Folder Unhidden in Screenshot, that shows as  a feint Yellow Folder. If I were to Hide it again, Folder would disappear..

    Studio has 2 Render Folders. 1 Unhidden & 1 Hidden. IMO, you can select the Directory where the you want the Unhidden Folder to go, but not the Hidden

    Studio File / Delete Aux Files only Deletes those Aux Files in the Unhidden Render Folder. Not the Hidden.



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