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Re: Re:Audio track repeats

  •  08-04-2015, 17:11

    Re: Re:Audio track repeats

    Before exporting, try deleting auxiliary files.

    .................and - Delete the Hidden Render Folder. How to do that: HERE

    DVD Authoring isn't my forte. However Hidden Render Folder Copies all Source Material used in a Project, including Audio. Plus additional Auxilliary Files

    If you've created a DVD, you've probably got a Disk Image. Can't remember if Disk Images include Menus. Check Disk Image for Playback. Create new DVD from Disk Image. Local Disk (c:) / Documents / Pinnacle Studio / My Disk Images.

    The above are just pointers for you to try. Not necessarily  a solution.

    Back to Saby. .

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