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Exported 3D Blu-ray unplayable.

  •  08-02-2015, 16:52

    Exported 3D Blu-ray unplayable.

    There is yet another bug in Studio 18.6.

    When a 3D Blu-ray disc has been authored, the resultant disc cannot be played in 3D.  The 3D blu-ray player fails to recognise the disc as being in 3D and consequently only plays it in 2D.  I have managed to verify that the video file itself is indeed a full 3D image.  The disc seems to be lacking whatever flag is required to be on it to signal to a player that it is a 3D disc.  This is true for both side-by-side 3D and for Multistream 3D.

    Playing the disc on a PC based player such as PowerDVD works, but PowerDVD plays the stream file based on its content and not what the disc claims to contain.

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