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Find In Library - timeline context menu

  •  07-05-2015, 15:35

    Find In Library - timeline context menu

    Realise that this has been discussed before - way back, but I would welcome some advice, if possible, beyond what I have attempted already.

     I am using PS16.1.   I have always found checkmarks useful.  Old debate, I know!   But, I also need to be able to periodically check, from the timeline, which assets I have used by right-clicking and selecting 'Find In Library'.   I am sure that I have seen this working, briefly, but despite deleting and rebuilding my library several times, and re-installing PS16.1 I now can't get this feature to work.  The view in the Compact Library jumps to completely unrelated folders with no scene highlighted.

    If, however, I select a scene in the Compact Library and perform 'Find In Timeline', this works perfectly.

     Any suggestions as to what else I can try to remedy this - been deleting and rebuilding NGDatabase all day, to no avail.

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