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Re: Studio 12 Ultimate...edit display and preview display reversed??

  •  01-23-2015, 16:37

    Re: Studio 12 Ultimate...edit display and preview display reversed??

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    Welcome to the Forum Smile

    1) Read Ramon's Post above & Post your PCs Hardware Specs.


     ....over 1500 photos

    At 5 seconds per photo, that's 2hrs & 5 minutes by my reckoning.  Far too many IMO, for anyone to watch in one sitting. IMO, 40 minutes would be the maximum. If this is for DVD Export, either reduce the number of Pics or create 2 or 3 DVDs.( IE; 2 or 3 Separate Projects.) 


     when I try to animate or zoom in on a photo, the edit window shows the photo in original view, while the preview window is actually showing my edit moves...but then it crashes immediately after I try to zoom anything

    Studio isn't my main Editor these days. However, here's a Screenshot of a Pic in S12 Ultimate  Pan & Zoom Mode. There's a time-lag between Editing the Pic & Edited Version showing in Preview Window, depending upon your Video Card. 

    IMO, your problem is probably down-to one or both of the following:.

    1) Studio can't handle that number of Pics.

    2) Your Video Card is insufficient.

    Check your Pc's Editing Hard Drive for Fragmentation, anyway & Delete Auxilliary Files for that Project.

    Good luck Smile

    Anyone-else? (Greg?)



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