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Re: How to create fast Animated Gifs from videos?

  •  11-16-2007, 7:07

    Re: How to create fast Animated Gifs from videos?

    HI Marc

    This will be my second and last try to post to this thread. The last time, over two hours ago, ended with a notice that my message must first be okayed by a moderator seemed to have disappeared in to the byte nirvana. 

    As to the link you have to an animation gif, that baby has one hundred and twenty-three frames, so I hope you have some time on your hands. 

    Here is a link to a tutorial on using the Gap (Gimp animated package)  And here is one to the GIMP download page: it's free open source.

    Not sure if it will do what you are looking for. I use the Animation Shop 3 from Jasac. It was a part of Paint Shop Pro back in the days before Corel.

     Now to see if this one is going to post normally.

    PS, seemed to work this time, only did a review before 'posting' The review also posted it right away.???? Are you all having a redo of the forums or something? 

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