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Creating Bluray is going very slow

  •  09-22-2014, 3:24

    Creating Bluray is going very slow


    I'm using PS17.6.  I have created a HD project from AVCHD content.  Made parts of 20~25 minutes project length because of slow performance on timeline when creating a bigger project. Assembled parts in a disc-project and made the menus for the project.

    Now did start creating a Blu-ray disc ... it takes up to  10 minutes before opening the export window (processor is running 25% while waiting), when I change certain setting it takes that time again (why??).  Now I took the standard setting (fit to disc): 1 hour 38 minutes project is 60% of quality with 7GB free(!) space on a 25GB disc ...

    Okay, accepted that result for this moment and started generating.  After 6 hours only 10%(!) was rendered, 3 menu-parts of one minute, and 1 hour of video. But, after 6 hours not ready yet.  That while all cores (4) of the processor are running nearly the maximum of its speed all the time.

    I started with Avid Studio 16, went to PS16, but didn’t get this worse performance in that time.  I have a quadcore Intel i7-2600 3,4GHz processor, 64 bits Windows 7, 16GB of RAM and bought a few months ago a new Nvidia GeForce GT630 2GB graphic card to get better performance …

    Does anyone have a good solution to get better performance?  Thanks in advance! 



    NB  Did try to install the older version (16.1) again, but that one doesn't install anymore, maybe because of Windows updates? 

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