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Re: no IRQ driver selected

  •  08-09-2014, 9:55

    Re: no IRQ driver selected

    God Bless you guys !!  I will stick with S15.  Only probelm now is- and was before- I have no way of re downloading S15 cause of the maze I'm faced with while trying to recover my original purchase location.  I think the last time this type of thing happened someone on this forum offered me a download from an S15 they had but here again I don't know who it was. Also I think I remember them saying that it was a once an done thing, so I'm stuck without the ability to continue making my bear movies that I show to shutins. 

    Colour, I've tried the fix you posted prior to this and it didn't help so I went to the re download suggestions but as I said can't find my original purchase location from which to obtain the digital software. Please keep helping me with further suggestions.  

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