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Re: no IRQ driver selected

  •  08-09-2014, 5:56

    Re: no IRQ driver selected

    David Stettler:
    OMG I just installed a new PS17 Ultimate and I absolutely hate it !   Got it from B&H Photo NY.  I am sending it back for whatever refund I can get !  I don't care what it takes I want to get back to the way PS15 performed !   17 is so foreign to me that I am scared to even explore it !  Is 16 more similar to 15 ?  Please Help me

    With more features and capability, PS16/17 are more complex than legacy Studio. But, like anything, it is up to you if you want to go complex or simple in editing with the product. There are many instructional videos online that you can watch that will get you up to speed rather quickly. And for many, once they get used to the ability to do what they want to in video editing, they don't look back on S15. I had S15, and while a good product, it was too limiting for me in editing. Having to constantly figure out how to use the limited number of tracks without having to export and then import a clip.

    But, if you only want to edit basics with an easy to use program, S15 is fine. Just don't write of PS17. 

    But if you are going to take it back, there is no need for me to post tutorials....

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