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Re: no IRQ driver selected

  •  08-09-2014, 4:11

    Re: no IRQ driver selected

    David Stettler:
    OMG I just installed a new PS17 Ultimate and I absolutely hate it !   Got it from B&H Photo NY.  I am sending it back for whatever refund I can get !  I don't care what it takes I want to get back to the way PS15 performed !   17 is so foreign to me that I am scared to even explore it !  Is 16 more similar to 15 ?  Please Help me

    No. S16 is the same core Program as S17, with the same User Interface..

    I have used Studio 15HD Ultimate for years now and am tired of wasting hours trying to find ways to re install it when stuff like "No IRQ  Selected" presents itself

    Try this Fix: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/error_message/en222159?popup=true


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