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Re: Exceeding maximum number of vob files in a DVD Video Title Set

  •  07-13-2014, 1:31

    Re: Exceeding maximum number of vob files in a DVD Video Title Set

    Thanks, I am going to try 'fit to size' out of curiosity.   Obviously the main reason for opening this thread was to raise the issue about the number of vobs in a Video Title Set when creating a DVD.   I didn't realise, until Jeff mentioned it, that Studio is limited to only one VTS.

    I think we all now understand what is happening here and the limitations it might place on us and the workarounds available.    I do like using menus, and the ability to skip around long holiday videos (or 'Play All').

    Just by way of (superfluous) background I'll briefly share here my general modus operandi.

    I create a DVD image from Studio.  I test it on my PC from the harddrive.   If it is for someone else, and it works, I burn it to disc, make a cover, etc.   If it is for me I transfer across my home network, using filezilla, to my Dune HD Max.  The Dune is in another room under my main TV.  The Dune is a blu-ray player, but also has a slot for a removable hdd.   I have a 3Tb hdd in there at the moment.   The Dune remote control behaves in exactly the same way whether it is navigating around a physical optical DVD or blu-ray, or a 'virtual copy' on the hard-drive or a NAS.

    The Dune will play mpeg, .iso, mkv, video_ts, 1080 50p from my hd cam, and others.

    I have, for some time, disregarded the physical limitations of optical video storage because I can play my movies from the hdd in the Dune.

    Last week I had some unrelated problems when transferring files using filezilla across my home network whereby failures frustratingly occurred towards the end of an 11Gb .iso transfer so I decided to create a video_ts folder from Studio and transfer its 1Gb contents individually.   This was how I encountered the fact that Studio had exceeded the permitted maximum number of vobs.... and the DVD was unplayable.

    I use zappiti media software to create screen icons, covers and backgrounds for each of my movies.  This displays all of my movies as an attractive collage on my TV screen.  I could, if I wanted, dispense with DVD menus and create individual covers for each movie chapter, i.e. create short movies and let zappiti control access to each part of a movie, but I would then lose the option to 'Play All'.

    Sorry if this constitutes 'too much information', but I thought it might be interesting to others whose shelves are full of DVD discs and are looking to store their creations on hdd in a NAS or media player. 

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