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Re: Exceeding maximum number of vob files in a DVD Video Title Set

  •  07-12-2014, 6:44

    Re: Exceeding maximum number of vob files in a DVD Video Title Set

    Hi David,  

    that's exactly my point - it won't play on my media box... you have actually replicated the bug! (16 vobs) in your folder.

    I suggest if you tried to burn that video_ts folder using Studio or Imgburn, that the resulting disc would not play.

    So far we have, for video_ts folder:

    - cannot produce a playable disc because of too many vobs in Video Title Set

    - cannot play in WMP

    - cannot play 'soft' copy in my media player or using Media Player Classic Home Cinema software

    - can play on PC using VLC (Videolan - free), with full navigation)

    - can play with Cyberlink on PC (though I have limited success because my version is not Win8 compatible).  Are you getting full menu navigation to all chapters?*** 

    - Studio will produce .iso version, but the only way I can play it is with VLC software on my PC.  Media player software 'cannot render'. 

     - Imgburn struggles with, (and objects to!) 'layer break' on total size exceeding the maximum permitted for a double layer DVDR.


    Current outcome for me is to produce a Disc One and a Disc Two, and to split my existing menu across 2 projects. 


    ***As an aside I notice that you are on Windows 7.   I had to stop using my version of Cyberlink Media Suite 10 on my Win8.1 machine as there were widely reported problems which were not supported.  Support for Win 8 was only available from version 11.

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