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Problems with upgrade to any version pinnacle 17

  •  07-10-2014, 14:01

    Problems with upgrade to any version pinnacle 17

    I have Pinnacle Studio for many years, I started with version 7 and have acquired all except 15 and 16, also have AVID Studio, to acquire the 17 and install it I realized that it is almost identical to AVID STUDIO, check everything, effects, titles music disc menus, etc., etc., in fact proceed with a project that had old created with AVID STUDIO and left me surprised that let me open it, when exporting to Blu-Ray, gave me error near the end export (99%) approx., then I go through these forums and I saw that it was the patch 17.5 and clear, install, try again to complete the project cited above, and Vualà "!, completed divinely, I peroooo ......., I did not realize until a few days (2-3) I do not go in the library, effects, texts, disc menus and collections project I had, and I'm quite sure that before installing the 17.5 patch that appeared to me yes, I know because uninstall Studio 17.5, went to install version 17.0 and I get what I describe.

    Is there any way to fix this? Since the patch managed a 100 and blew it, please, it's that there is not one time that Pinnacle does not fail with updates, we have to always walk upside down?

      Please if you need someone who can help me.
    Greetings and forgive for both dwell
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