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Pinnacle 17.5 change export scratch folder location

  •  07-02-2014, 16:06

    Pinnacle 17.5 change export scratch folder location

    I've been using Pinnacle for a few years - with other versions.  

    17.5 is new to me.

    I'm wanting to change the default location of the scratch location from other than the C: drive.  By default it's placed at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Pinnacle_Studio_17\Studio\Scratch

    I'm using a smaller SSD just for the OS and program installs and don't have room for 50GB of disc data to be rendered on my C: drive.  

    First attempt at this the other day brought my free space to 0bytes.  The app even asks where you want the temp space, but then uses the user profile to hold some rendering data.


    Does anyone know where this can be changed?  I've got plenty of drive space on the system, just not on my OS drive.






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