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AVCHD smart rendering.

  •  04-28-2014, 6:19

    AVCHD smart rendering.

    Recently, I upgraded my system from Studio 15 to Studio 17 Plus. One of the reasons was, that I read in the overview of Studio 17 Plus: 
    • Enjoy faster movie making with up to 10x faster video rendering2
    From this I concluded that now smart rendering for AVCHD had been implemented. More evidence I found in the foot note:
     2When editing AVC (H.264) video format and producing video in the same format.

    My Sony camera produces ,MTS (H264) video files with a bit rate of about 10 Mbps. My first experiences with Studio 17 are, that the rendering is not much faster than with Studio 15. Exporting to a H264 ,MTS file with a bit rate of about 10 Mbps goes with a speed between 20 and 25 frames per second. (This happens to be approximately the play rate.)
    Now I wonder whether other people have seen faster rendering speeds.

    Further, I wonder how critical is the condition in the foot note, that the produced video must be in the same format. I Understand that if the new video uses  a much lower bit rate, then smart rendering is not possible. Therefore, I try to match the bit rate of the source video with that of the video to be produced, but, this can never be exact, because the bit rates of the source files vary a bit from file to file. I further assumed that if I choose a higher bit rate, that then Studio is smart enough to understand that no quality is gained by producing new files with higher bit rates instead of using smart rendering, so it would use smart rendering with lower bit rate. But if I try a (standard) bit rate of 16 Mbps for the export file, than I see a much bigger result, so, apparently, no smart rendering is used.
    If the condition is so strict, then I would suggest a button in the export options window to choose the same format for the export file as is used in the source files, because I don't know how to activate smart rendering in my case.

    The bottom line is: How do I activate this promised rendering speed increase?

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