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Re: Need advice - One hard drive

  •  04-25-2014, 4:04

    Re: Need advice - One hard drive

    Sorry if this has already been asked.  I just purchased a new Asus box, and it should arrive by the end of next week..  It has an i7 processor, 16 gb RAM, an NVidia 760 video card and a 1 TB 7200 RPM drive.  Here's my dilemma.....I know that to edit properly I need two hard drives, but if I open the case, I void the warranty. So, for at least a year, I'm going with one internal drive.  What are my best options?  Are there any good externals that can edit at a reasonable speed but won't break the bank?  Are there some "work around" solutions that anyone has had success with?  I'm all ears...uh, eyes.  Thanks!  

    I'm probably way out of my league here, but won't be the first time.  I don't understand why 2 drives are needed for editing unless for speed in a 'working' environment.

    I have been converting a lot of VHS tapes to DVD movies (over 60 tapes and ~90 movies) in the past couple of months.  I purchased 2 1T Passport USB drives.  I use my Desktop computer to capture the input from the VCR player onto Passport drive #1.  When I have several tapes loaded on Drive #1, I remove it, install Passport Drive #2 and continue capturing more VHS tapes.

    I take Drive #1 and connect it to my Laptop.  I pull the tape files in, edit to remove commercials and unwanted sections (using Drive #1 for all storage needs).  At times things slow down, but I have not been losing anything.

    I did at one time have a problem with dropped frames, but I decided that the problem was using the MovieBox 510 with Studio 15HD for Capture rather than the use of the Passport USB drives.  I now use Canopus ADVC110 with Studio 15 for capture and it is very unusual  to have more than 1 or 2 recorded Dropped Frames.

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