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Re: Import problem (Importer.exe stopped working)

  •  04-14-2014, 15:04

    Re: Import problem (Importer.exe stopped working)


    I have been thinking about your problem. I Know that Studio 15HD works in the Win7 environment and I use it for Capture nearly every day without problems.

    I want you to reinstall Studio 15. I can already hear you saying that you have done that – but please read on.

    I have a HP desktop and Lenovo laptop that use Win7 Pro. They each run Pinnacle Studio 15HD. Several months ago I had several problems and went through multiple reinstalls of Pinnacle, but the problems persisted. I discovered that when you do a removal of the software, many Pinnacle folders are not removed. And when you do a reinstall of Pinnacle and it sees these folders, it may skip over them and not replace them. This means that if there is something in one of those folders that causes a problem, it will still exist after the reinstall. This is also true of the Registry – if there is something in there causing a problem, it will not be resolved unless it has been removed.

    There is a web-site (http://declic-video-fx.com) containing a lot of helpful information. I plagiarized some of their information and made a removal/reinstall sequence that has worked for me. The indented items shown in blue are my additions. I suggest that you use each of the following steps for your reinstall:

    Go to http://declic-video-fx.com/Studio-1-15/FAQ.aspx to find “22-How to re-install Pinnacle Studio”. Open it and click on Regdelete to find “REGDELETE S7/8/9/10/11/12/14/15”. Select and download “REGDELETE S14.EXE” (also works for version 15).

    22-How to re-install Pinnacle Studio First do a clean uninstall :

    1. Uninstall Studio with the Add/Remove Programs tool in the Windows Control Panel

    2. Restart your computer

    2a. Run ‘free’ Ccleaner software. Select Registry; Scan; Fix; and click Yes for Backup Changes to Registry. (This will give you a saved copy of the Registry before any of the following changes are made.)

    3. Run Regdelete

    4. In the menu select your version of Studio

    5. Press the Clean button

    6. Close Regdelete

    7. Open Regdelete

    8. Now in the menu select User registration and activation Data

    9. Click Clean

    10. Close Regdelete

    10a. Run MSCONFIG.EXE and de-select StartUp Items

    10b. Restart computer

    10c. Do a Search to find all items containing “Pinnacle” particularily the folders

    10d. Rename the folders (e.g. I renamed the Pinnacle folder still in Program Files (x86) to “Pinnacl-old”. There were other items in My Videos that also needed renaming). This is so that they are not recognized when you re-install.

    10e. Restart computer and do a Search for Pinnacle for a final check that all folders have been renamed.

    10f. Restart computer again.

    1. You can re-install your version of Studio, the registry is cleaned-up

    11a. I loaded Pinnacle only and not the Plug-ins or Bonus items because I have no need of them for transferring VCR tapes to DVD formats. I wanted Pinnacle in a ‘plain vanilla’ version.

    Whenever you are going to run Pinnacle, I suggest that you open MSCONFIG.EXE and de-select StartUp items (this eliminates items from being loaded automatically that are not required for Pinnacle). I also suggest that you never run Microsoft Task Manager while using Pinnacle (based on some problems that created for me).

    Do you now have a workable tab for Capture now?

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