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Re: Capturing on SSD Drive

  •  03-25-2014, 4:25

    Re: Capturing on SSD Drive

    Thanks for your input again Loosecannon.

    What I am trying to say is With the titles, photographs, Video files - which is the start of every wedding I produce - If it is all made on my hdd everything works as it should.

    When I make the same project on my extra ssd everything goes awry. Even if  I leave the video files on my hdd and import them on to my ssd to work on or if I import them direct to my ssd from the sd card the outcome is still the same.

    I wonder if I should try putting the aux files on to a different drive than the ssd to see if that is causing the problem. As you say I don't think studio is causing the problem.

    I think it is something to do with my new Samsung 840 pro drive I have put in.

    Maybe it is because my motherboard is only sata 2 and perhaps it needs sata 3. But replacing a motherboard seems a bit extreme just to find out. If it is due to my motherboard, I believe I could purchase a sata2 to sata3 converter card and try that first.

    Apart from that I can't think of anything else to try only to take the ssd out and jump on it.

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