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Re: My Liquid came to an end

  •  03-06-2014, 11:30

    Re: My Liquid came to an end

    My, how time flies and life changes. I still have Liquid on an XP Laptop, but haven't touched it for quite some time now. MC is running quite well under Win 7, and serves all of my needs - and then some.

    I still have to capture some tapes once in a while and I'm very glad that I've still got my Pinnacle MovieBox DV. This BOB has Composite, S-Video and Firewire in/out, and the best things about it are that 1, it doesn't require any drivers to be installed even under Win 7, and 2 MC "sees" it as a Firewire camera and captures without problems. It's great for grabbing the odd tape that comes my way and getting SD stuff from my Hard disk recorder.

    Yes, the time spent here was great, but it's so nice to "see" so many known faces on the Avid forums.

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