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PSU17 Crashes repeatedly while updating from watch folders

  •  02-26-2014, 1:07

    PSU17 Crashes repeatedly while updating from watch folders

    Blank (new) movie open, so no rendering is happening.  It begins doing the update from watch folders, and dies.  Doesn't matter if you are editing or not. I have eliminated editing/rendering as the cause, all it is doing is updating from watch folders.

    I have probably 23,000 video and snaps in 300 folders and 3,000 music files in 1,500 folders. A mix of m2ts, mov, jpg, png, and mp3.

    I had all this indexed in PSU14 just fine, but 17 wants to rebuild the library, and haven't been able to do it yet.

    I get probably 30-40 seconds to use the program before watch folder update crashes it. I restart it, and it does it again. I reboot, and it does it again, and again.

    Does anyone know a work around?  Is anyone looking at or fixing this?

    If there is some file it doesn't like there are more elegant ways for the software to deal with it like helping me isolate it, if that is indeed the issue. Is a library update in the works?

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