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Re: Video editing options

  •  02-17-2014, 6:06

    Re: Video editing options

    Tony P:

    Magix's VPx series is a more upscale program designed for the real prosumer/pro editors that use codec that the consumer programs for the most part do not even have. How many consumers are out there using ProRes, XDCAM, and DVCPro? Sure, there are some, but the majority of consumers have their consumer camcorders. I would get the app that fits my editing needs and supports the camera format that I have. And the cost of admission to X6 is in the USA, $400. PS17U is about $100. Not a fair comparison. 

    Well, what is a fair comparison is Movie Edit Pro 2014 and PS17. MEP is a slightly cut down version of VPX5, but it handles Cineform. It has motion tracking, mattes, secondary colour correction, 2-camera multi-cam, automatic audio syncing and Smart rendering that actually works. I also have to say it's stability is superior to PS17 in every way. As for pricing, it depends where you look, but apart from where PS17 is heavily discounted because of its reputation, they seem to be priced the same or MEP is cheaper.
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