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Re: Adorage and Heroglyph Error Messages

  •  02-05-2014, 14:54

    Re: Adorage and Heroglyph Error Messages

    OK, I am ready to say that the re-install process that I described on Feb 3rd does work.

    After I posted the note and started Studio15, I got an error “The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Pinnacle Studio 15 disk and click OK”

    I restarted Studio several times and got the same message. I installed the Studio disk and everything was OK. After several Studio restarts everything was OK and no messages. Then I noticed that the portable drive that I had been using was no longer functioning. That drive had the files for the last project that I had been working on. I believe that when Studio was loading and trying to get the Album info for display from my last project, the drive stopped working in the middle of the process and Studio was unable to complete the task that it had started. The error message was displayed about an external source problem. I suspect that there is probably a ‘standard’ set of error messages in Studio and this was the closest one for the problem. It then set a ‘flag’ in Studio so that when I did the restarts, I saw the same message. Once I put the Studio disk in, that flag was cleared and Studio functioned as it should.

    Since that time I have gone through many reboots of that computer and used Studio probably +20 times. Everything seems fine and I have never seen any Adorage or Heroglyph messages.

    This was on my Laptop. About a month ago, I started and still get the Adorage and Heroglyph messages when I start Studio on the Desktop. No idea why since I had used Studio on it for a couple of years and never seen them. I am now ready to apply this same re-install process on that computer

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