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Betreft: Buying HD Camcorder

  •  01-16-2014, 3:45

    Betreft: Buying HD Camcorder

    I had a similar  problem one year ago. I bought an AVCHD camera and I did a few projects with S12. It is possible to export files in high resolution MPEG2 format, but not in AVCHD format, so the files became very big. So, I bought a cheap second hand S15, from someone who never opened the kit. S15 supports output AVCHD file output. (I heard that S16 is very different from S12, whereas S15 has essentially the same user interface.)

    I was only a bit disappointed that the rendering of high resolution output did not became faster in S15. I expected a smart rendering (as I was used to for DVD quality MPEG2), but it seems that AVCHD is too complex for smart rendering.

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